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Officers and Directors Nominations 

OPCA annually elects the following officers and directors:

2nd VICE PRESIDENT (advances to president in 2 years)


MEMBERS-AT-LARGE (6 are elected)

Annual elections take place at the High Desert Seminar in Bend. Contact the OPCA office if you are interested in serving on the board.

Slate for election, June 3, 2017

Ballot with bios: OPCA Election Ballot 2017 with bios.pdf

Officers (vote required*):

Greg Ego, President
Mike Kesecker, 1st Vice President
Wiley Sanders, 2nd Vice President*
Nancy Boerema, Past President
Rob McMaster, Secretary-Treasurer*

Members at Large (vote for 6):

Tim Banwell
Bernard Black
Linda Bogart
Bill Granstrom
Scott Lipscomb
Steve Nagel
Brandon Ottovich
Larry Treleven

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Email, G. Harvey Gail, MBA: Executive Director

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