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Join OPCA in thanking our sponsors for their support throughout the year. Our sponsors provide many benefits to our members. In addition to their friendship, sponsors often host high quality nationally recognized speakers. They send OPCA valuable information on developments in the industry throughout the year, participate in helping OPCA plan our education events, and host social gatherings.

Our sponsors exhibit at our education seminars in June and September and advertise in the Crack and Crevice. 

As an OPCA member, the best way to say "thank you" to them is to give them your business!

 - Tom Nishimura 215-654-0880 

- Jackie Bell 480-760-5874

- Rennie Kubik  360-546-5954

- Ellie Bossen  503-880-5828

John Cotton  714-319-4422

- Jim Truslow  530-272-1213

- Dave Braness 408-205-8917

- Don Schlegel   925-628-8404

- Andy Srejic   800-503-5444

 - Derrick Walker 801-694-9648

- Maria Mayorga  919-931-0587

- Rob Ives  800-242-5562

- Ed Wilson  866-462-9714

James Rodriguez   818-640-4587

- Jeff Caudill 641-931-0587

- Gary Brooks   770-205-5335

 - Quincy Carrol  612-500-1686

Modern Methods Sales & Marketing - Art Guzman 702-577-6382

 - Tremain Petersen 801-376-0677

Devin Campbell Logo items, promotional products 503-348-7810

- Nick Grisafe   909-353-5907

- Robert DeAngelo  503-252-2732

- Kenny Carver 503-222-6254

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