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OPCA respresents Pest Control Professionals within the State of Oregon working together promoting our industry, providing solutions that benefit all of us and forging new paths within the State of Oregon.

Enhance Your OPCA Membership and Get Involved!

— Learn more about our industry Meet new people from across the state and across the country. Contribute to the advancement of the pest control industry.

— What is expected of you as a committee or taskforce member?
 Attend scheduled meetings. Committees generally meet 3-4 times a year. Make a strong commitment to accomplishing the goals of the committee or taskforce. Complete projects for which you volunteer.

— Why join a committee?
 Test and expand your leadership and communication skills. Become a player in the future of the pest control industry and help set the parameters for the 21st century. Strengthen your ties with the pest control industry by meeting people from all aspects of the business. Share your expertise and experiences with other industry professionals for the benefit of the industry.

You have an opportunity to make a difference and make the most out of your OPCA membership. Ask how you can get involved today!

Below is the information that OPCA currently has on Committee Chairpersons and the members of the various committees. If you want to join a specific committee or wish to be removed from one, contact the committee chair.


Education: Rich Kesecker, Good Earth Pest Company, 541-753-7233

Legislative Affairs: Larry Treleven, Sprague Pest Solutions, 253-272-4400

Sponsorship - James Rodriguez, JT Eaton, 818-640-4587

Membership - Terry Brant,  541-968-8727

Past Presidents - Terry Brant, 541-968-8727

Public Relations: Rene' Kesecker, Good Earth Pest Company, 541-753-7233

IPM Council: Matt Faulconer, Pest Tech, 541-997-3781

Standards & Ethics: Linda Bogart, Firefly EPS, 541-994-8500

Scholarship: Bill Larsen, 503-639-2500

Wildlife: Terry Brant, 541-968-8727

Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO): Richard Kesecker, Good Earth Pest Company, 541-753-7233

Newsletter (Crack & Crevice): Harvey Gail,  OPCA/Spire Management, 503-363-4345

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Email, G. Harvey Gail, MBA: Executive Director

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